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Solid travel risk management to meet your obligations

All organisations have a duty of care to employees who travel on business. For example, you need to make sure their safety isn’t compromised through negligence. It sounds obvious doesn’t it?

Delayed flights, accommodation mix-ups and local language barriers are inconvenient and can be sorted out relatively easily.  But travel can be more than inconvenient: it can be risky.

What if your employees encounter civil unrest, natural disasters, technology failings or come into contact with infectious diseases? Does your travel risk management strategy cover you for these eventualities?

We can advise you on duty of care obligations for travellers and review your travel risk management strategy with you. And we can help you more than meet your obligations. Our outstanding people tracking software shows genuine care and commitment to your travelling employees. It allows you to keep track of them, ensure they’re safe, 24/7 – wherever in the world they are.