Rules Change on Powder Restrictions in Carry-on Bags


The Transportation Security Administration is cracking down on the carriage of all powder at gateway airports.

As of the 30th June 2018, new TSA requirements take effect for International flights to the United States. Customers are encouraged to place any powder-like substances over 12oz./350ml in their checked bags. Any powder over 350ml in carry-on bags will be required to go through additional screening, which if it cannot be cleared by security officials will be prohibited from the cabin of the aircraft. This applies to all forms of powder including cosmetics, food mixes and baby powder. Passengers are advised to put all powder not required during a flight into checked baggage.

Overseas departure airports serving the US with direct flights will employ the enhanced screening measures. The TSA says it is in line with security procedures for domestic flights which already employ stricter rules for powdered materials. The added measures are to combat substances such as fentanyl, pepper spray and explosives.


The Australian Government has also updated their policy of screening liquids, aerosols and gels before international flights from Australia to include powders, as of 30 June 2018.

Inorganic powders such as sand, salt, certain types of talcum powder and some cosmetics over 350 ml or 350 grams will not be allowed in carry-on baggage however there are no restrictions on organic powders such as baby formula, coffee, spices, hot chocolate and protein powder.