easyJet Self Service Bag Drop at Bristol Airport

A trial of self-service bag drop technology commence at Bristol Airport last week (12th July 2017) saving time for passengers flying with easyJet.

Self-service bag drop puts passengers in control of their own hold baggage check in procedure, reducing processing time and queuing when compared to the standard bag drop system. Passengers use a self-service kiosk to weigh and tag their bags before placing their tagged bag into the baggage system at a bag drop desk.

Twelve self-service kiosks and four bag drop desks have been installed within the easyJet check-in area in the terminal, and customer hosts are on hand to offer guidance and assistance to passengers throughout the trial.

Passengers using self-service bag drop at Bristol Airport follow these simple steps:

  • At the entrance to the bag drop area, airline staff check passenger’s passports against their boarding passes.
  • Passengers are then directed to a self-service kiosk where they are promoted to scan mobile phone or home printed boarding pass.
  • Passengers place their hold bag into a weigh scale and a baggage tag is automatically generated.
  • Passengers attach the tag to their bag.
  • Passengers then move forward to a bag drop desk and place the tagged bag onto the baggage belt.
  • The tag is checked by scanners to make sure the information is correct the label is attached securely.
  • The bag is automatically sent through to the Airport’s baggage system.