Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) – Important Update

Under Canada’s new Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) program, British citizens WILL need to obtain online authorisation before flying to Canada.

This new entry requirement is not mandatory until 15th March 2016.

However, eligible travellers have the opportunity to go online now and apply for their eTA. The earlier travellers get their eTA, the sooner they will benefit from knowing they have been pre-screened to enter Canada.

A fee of $7 is payable for processing an application for an electronic travel authorisation.

An application for an electronic travel authorisation must be made by means of an electronic system this is made available by the Department (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for that purpose.

An electronic travel authorisation is valid for a period of five years from the day on which it is issued to the applicant or until the earliest following days, if they occur before the end of that period.

(a) the day on which the applicant’s passport or other travel documents expire,

(b) the day on which the electronic travel authorisation is cancelled, or

(c) the day on which a new electronic travel authorisation is issued to the applicant.

For more information or to apply online please click here