British Airways Customers speed through US Airports using TSA Precheck

British Airways customers will benefit from shorter security queues, and more ‘me time’ in US airports now the airline has signed up to the TSA Precheck programme.

Customers who are accepted under the US government scheme can use fast track security queues, and do not need to remove shoes, light jackets, or belts. Laptops and compliant liquids can also remain in hand luggage, making the trip through security at the airport easier. In March 2018, TSA research found 93 per cent of customers using the scheme waited less than five minutes.

British Airways is launching its much-anticipated new route to Nashville, Tennessee, making a total of 26 US destinations that customers can now reach with direct flights on the airline. With their code-share partners and connections added in, eligible customers will be able to make use of TSA Precheck lanes at two hundred airports across the US.

To get pre-approval, UK citizens sign up to become Global Entry members, involving an interview, background check and fingerprint scan.