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2019 Tour Programme

JAPAN: 'Pharewell' Phantom Airbases (227924)

10th - 27th March

With time running out to see meaningful numbers of F-4 Phantoms, our tour concentrates on this classic fighter. In addition to Nyutabaru and Hamamatsu airbases we also spend a couple of days at 4 ‘super’ bases:  Tsuiki, Komatsu, Iruma and Hyakuri.  We will also visit the excellent collection of aircraft in the JASDF Aviation Museum on the perimeter of Hamamatsu.  Free time in Tokyo, giving you the opportunity of upgrading your camera equipment at very competitive prices compared to the UK!  All photography takes place outside the airbases, at locations that are popular with the local aviation photographers and spotters   Travel around this big country is by chartered coach and intercity express and Shinkansen (bullet) trains.  Hotels, serving European breakfasts, are where possible, within walking distance of the train stations, many of which have large food courts with Western-type meals.  Sadly Japan is not a cheap destination but with the final draw-down of the F-4s fast approaching, now is the time to go.  Another attraction of JASDF airbases is the large amount of flying they do every day.



FRANCE: NATO Tiger Meet (227909)

13th - 18th May

We now have confirmation that there will be a Spotters Day during the 2019 NATO Tiger Meet which takes place on BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan in the south of France. The Spotters Day will be Friday, 17th May.  It is not planned to stage an airshow over a weekend.  We will arrive at our hotel on the Tuesday evening and enjoy the next 2 days at the landing end of the runway, outside the base, photographing aircraft as they land.  We will also be requesting a visit to the French equivalent of the USA’s AMARG, Chateaudun.  There is also the CANOPEE aviation museum here: their website lists 50 aircraft in the collection.  All our previous ‘Tiger Tours’ have proved exceptionally popular so we recommend you book your place as soon as the provisional itinerary appears – or email us to put your details on the Tiger file.


FRANCE: 75th Anniversary of D-Day (227901)

3rd - 11th June

2019 sees the anniversaries of two of the most important events that took place in the 20th Century: the D-Day Landings in June 1944 and the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49.  This very special tour attends the 75th Anniversary of the former and, as an optional extension, the 70th Anniversary of the latter.  Both events will feature the largest gathering of C-47/DC-3s since the Second World War – nearly 30 at the present time!  During 8 days in Normandy we will attend both Open Days at Caen Carpiquet airfield – with an optional flight in one of the Dakotas! - and visit various famous battle sites fought over by the British and Canadian armies.  Then, after 2 days at leisure in Paris if you opt to take the tour extension, we take the train to Berlin where, over 5 days, we see the arrival of the Dakota “Candy Bombers”, visit various museums and sites associated with World War Two and the Berlin Airlift, and get ready to catch the candy as it rains down!  We also have a fascinating visit to Zossen: to Hitler’s huge complex of overground and underground command and control bunkers, some of which were later used during the Cold War by the Soviet armed forces in the GDR.  The 75th Anniversary of D-Day will be the last official commemoration and will be attended by royalty, presidents and prime ministers.  Book NOW .... due to a deadline imposed by all hotels in Normandy, we will not be able to offer places on this tour after mid-December this year.

Please ensure you clearly indicate on your booking form if you are also booking the optional Berlin extension.


SLOVAKIA & AUSTRIA: Slovakian International Airshow & Air Power 2019 (227922)

31st August - 8th September

One of the most popular airshows with UK and European aviation enthusiasts in recent years was the annual “Air Power” airshows held on Zeltweg airbase in Austria. In 2016 they came to end as the base underwent major refurbishment ready to take the air force’s new Typhoons, which replaced their classic Saab Drakens. 2019 sees a very welcome return of this favourite show.  The Austrian Air Force were the last operators of the Draken and who knows, maybe the sole flying example left in Europe, owned and flown by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, will be one of the participants.  If the airshow is anything like its predecessors it will be fabulous – complete with the spectacular backdrop of the Austrian mountains.  We start our tour at the Slovakian International Airshow followed by visits to 2 large museums in Slovakia; a night stop and free time at Vienna Airport; together with an aviation collection in Graz.  With our hotel only a short distance from Zeltweg airbase we are there for ‘Arrivals Day’ plus both days of the show.