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2019 Tour Programme

FRANCE: NATO Tiger Meet (227909)

15th - 18th May TRAVELLED

Following our request to visit the FAF storage area on Chateaudun being declined, we have changed the date and slimmed down the itinerary  of this tour by one day.  The group will now fly between London’s Gatwick Airport to/from Bordeaux on the scheduled services of easyJet.

We now have confirmation that there will be a Spotters Day during the 2019 NATO Tiger Meet which takes place on BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan in the south of France.  The Spotters Day will be Friday, 17th May.  It is not planned to stage an airshow over a weekend.  We will now arrive at our hotel on the Wednesday and enjoy the next day at the landing end of the runway, outside the base, photographing aircraft as they land.   Confirmation has been received from the hosts of the Tiger Meet that you can get your Spotter’s Pass through Ian Allan – or go on their website and purchase it directly. All our previous ‘Tiger Tours’ have proved exceptionally popular so we recommend you book your place as soon as the provisional itinerary appears.