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2018 Tour Programme

VIETNAM: Vietnam War Aviation Sites, Museums & Collections, Gate Guardians, Cu Chi Tunnels, DMZ and My Lai (227819)

2nd - 17th March TRAVELLED

Although visits to the Vietnamese Air Force are not currently possible, there is still a lot of aviation to see: from the Vietnam War of the 1960/70s.  Visiting all the major, and some less well-known, museums and collections plus some famous – and infamous – battle sites, there is something of interest to please enthusiasts of aviation and/or military history.  Our tour will include some sightseeing as it would be a shame to go all that way and not see some of this beautiful country and its friendly and hospitable people.  For non-aviation/military history enthusiasts there is the possibility of optional tours and visits. If you are looking to visit a country that is generally ‘off the beaten track’ aviation wise, then look no further.


ISRAEL: 70th Anniversary of Independence. Airbase Open Days & Flypast; IAF Museum, Civil Airfields & Airport (227807)

14th - 20th April TRAVELLED

The 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Israel will be an historic – and a very popular celebration – for all Israelis, with many thousands upon thousands returning to the country for the event.  We have been given 28 places on an excellent aviation tour organised by the well-known Israeli aviation historian and photographer, David Weinrich.




GERMANY: ILA 2018 Aviation Exhibition & Airshow plus Aviation Museums & Collections of former East Germany (227809)

21st - 29th April TRAVELLED

Many years ago we did our first tour around the northern part of what was East Germany and very popular it was too.  In response to requests for the trip to be repeated we are offering it as part of a tour which also attends the very popular German International Aerospace Exhibition and Airshow: known as ILA.  On your travels you will visit 3 of the most famous and historic sites of the German aviation industry before and during World War 2: Rechlin, Finow and Peenemunde!  Plus a number of aviation and Cold War museums in Berlin.  Rarely visited by aviation tours, there is a lot to see. 



GERMANY: ILA 2018 Aviation Exhibition & Airshow, Berlin (227810)

25th - 29th April TRAVELLED

Held every 2 years the German International Aerospace Exhibition and Airshow – known as ILA – is considered by many aviation enthusiasts to be better than the competition, Paris and Farnborough, as far as the flying programme is concerned; the long crowd-line is also another plus.  Our tour includes one full day at ILA and during our 5-days in Berlin we visit several other aviation and historic sites.  There is also some free time and you can take time away from the itinerary to explore and enjoy the German capital as you wish.  This tour is a perfect short break for non-aviation-minded people.


POLAND: NATO Tiger Meet 2018 plus 3 Air Bases & International Airshow Poznan (227802)

13th - 21st May TRAVELLED

The 2018 NATO Tiger Meet will, for the first time, be hosted by the Polish Air Force on Poznan/Krzesiny airbase. They have confirmed there will be an official Spotters Day and there will also be a 2-day international airshow on the following weekend.  Plus, like all our previous ’Tiger Tours’, we will spend a full day outside the airbase at the landing end of the runway.  We also have confirmation of our visits to the 2 MiG-29 bases of Malbork and Minsk-Mazowiecki and the Su-22’s on Swidwin! Limited by time and/or funds?  Then check out our shorter tour to the NTM and airshow: see tour 227823. TOUR FULL!


POLAND: NATO Tiger Meet & International Airshow Poznan (227823)

16th - 21st May TRAVELLED

For the first time in its long history the NATO Tiger Meet in 2018 will be hosted by the Polish Air Force, on Poznan/Krzesiny airbase. They have confirmed there will be an official Spotters Day and there will also be a 2-day international airshow on the following weekend.  Plus, like all our previous ’Tiger Tours’, we will spend a full day outside the airbase at the landing end of the runway.



FINLAND: 100th Anniversary of the Finnish Air Force International Airshow (227804)

10th - 18th June TRAVELLED

2018 is a very special year for the Finnish Air Force – its 100 years old!  To celebrate this historic occasion they will be holding a major, 2-day international airshow.  We will attend both days and the day before: Arrivals Day.  During our travels around this beautiful country we will visit all the major aviation museums and collections, plus some smaller ones, even the odd aircraft on public display in local towns.  You may have been on one of our previous and very successful aviation tours to Finland, or you may be considering going there for the first time: either way, we know Finland is not a cheap country to visit so this is THE time to go!  To attend a never-to-be-repeated airshow!  



UK: 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force (227800)

30th June - 17th July TRAVELLED

In what is a very historic year for British aviation, 2018 sees the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force: the world’s first autonomous ‘air force’. We spend 2 days at RIAT, visit Coningsby for the launch and recovery of 27 Typhoon and Tornado aircraft taking part in the Air Parade over London and attend the special air show at Duxford!  Our tour visits various aviation places that are part of that history: from the early days of the RFC and RNAS right up to the present day.  The RAF’s biggest celebration of the anniversary will be at the Royal International Air Tattoo; and the Shuttleworth Collection’s “Military Pageant” air display: the first covers mainly the modern era of jet-power; the second, WW II with its warbirds; and the third, WW I and the Edwardian age – we attend all 3!  During our travels we visit aviation museums and collections large and small; historic places and sites – including the only surviving, original WW I airfield and the ‘birthplace’ of the RAF: Farnborough.   Away from aviation there is also time at leisure in historic places just look at the fabulous itinerary.  Book now to avoid disappointment!  



USA: Oshkosh 2018 - 9-day tour - The largest aviation event in the world! (227822)

22nd - 30th July TRAVELLED

There is nothing remotely like the EAA’s Airventure show in Oshkosh; it is by far the largest aviation event held on the planet. It caters for all aspects of aviation: civil, home-builds/kits, general aviation, classic and antiques, microlights and warbirds.  Fixed wing, rotary wing, land and seaplanes.  Only ballooning is not catered for.  With over 800 exhibitors, hundreds of technical workshops, seminars and presentations, thousands upon thousands of aircraft flying in and a daily flying programme and airshow there is a LOT to see.  Our 6 full days at Oshkosh lets you enjoy the event at a leisurely pace.  You also have the option of a 7-days extension to Indiana, Ohio and Washington DC to visit the National Museum of the US Air Force, the Air and Space Museum and the Steven Udvar-Hazy Centre.   Time also for explore the American capital as you wish.


USA: Oshkosh 2018 - 7-day tour - The largest aviation event in the world! (227806)

24th - 30th July TRAVELLED

It’s the top of your ‘wish list’ - you have always dreamed of going to Oshkosh - but you have limited time and/or funds. Well with this, our shorter tour, you can now pack your suitcase and head off to the wilds of Wisconsin for 4 full days at Airventure!  And, while you are there, you can also join your fellow enthusiasts on our optional 7-day extension to Peru, Indiana, Dayton, Ohio and Washington DC visiting the world’s largest aviation collection and the most visited museum in the world: the National Museum of the US Air Force and the Air and Space Museum respectively.  Plus the Steven Udvar-Hazy Centre’s amazing collection of aircraft and free time to enjoy as you wish in DC.


POLAND: 100th Anniversary of the Polish Air Force Airshow, Air Force Museum & the Polish Aviation Museum (227825)

24th - 28th August TRAVELLED

2018 sees a number of  European air forces celebrating their 100th birthdays including the Polish Air Force.  Even on non-special occasions the Poles have an enviable reputation of getting a wide range of aircraft from many nations participating at their airshows.  So this very special occasion is likely to be too good to miss!  Already the talk is that it will be a huge and exciting event.  Along with 2 days at the airshow we also visit the 2 biggest aviation collections in Poland: the Polish Air Force Museum in Deblin and the national Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow.  Where better to spend the August Bank Holiday!




ALBANIA: Albanian Air Force (227816)

3rd - 7th September TRAVELLED

The latest information on internet forums - and Google Earth images - show that there are still enough ‘withdrawn-from-use’ and stored Russian and Chinese versions of classic Soviet 1950’s and 60’s MiGs, Mils and Ilyushins, lying around. Approved by the Minister of Defence we visit Albanian Air Force bases and storage sites, plus several aircraft that are on display in Tirana.  This 5-day tour is 100% ‘aviation’ in content, includes breakfasts and evening meals and is excellent value for money.  And as we are staying in the same hotel in Tirana the whole time, non-aviation persons will be able to spend a week enjoying official sightseeing excursions as well as exploring the delights of Tirana as they wish.


SOUTH AFRICA: 4 Airbases (confirmed); Airfields, Aviation Museums and time for sightseeing (227803)

11th - 24th September TRAVELLED

After an absence of many years we return to the Republic of South Africa. We have provisional approval from the South African Air Force of our visits to all their main airbases; and for ramp tours at the stated airfields in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area.  We will visit all the major aviation museums and the SAA Museums at Swartkop and Ysterplaat are excited to hear of our tour and promise to do everything they can to make our visits successful.  As well as aviation there are opportunities to sample some of well-known tourist attractions, like The Cape, Whale Watching, Table Mountain and the world famous Stellenbosch vineyards! Also, free time to enjoy as you wish at the viewing decks at the airports or exploring at your leisure.  Why not extend your trip with a Big 5 Game Safari and/or going to see the majestic power of Victoria Falls!  This tour is also perfect for non-aviation persons in your life to accompany you!




18th - 26th September TRAVELLED

With the recent news that the last operator of the classic Tu-134 operating on scheduled services in Russia, Alrosa Airlines, will be withdrawing the type in October, we have arranged a truly fabulous tour around Russia.  You will fly in some classic Soviet era aircraft like the Tu-134, Tu-154 and An-24; and not so old Yak-42 and Let 410.  Plus a couple of new types: an ATR-72 and a Sukhoi Superjet!  From Moscow we fly with Izhavia, Orenburzhye, Utair, Yamal and Alrosa to Izhevsk, Ufa, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Mirny and Polyarny!  This is the last call for the Tu-134.  Check out this fabulous, never-to-be-repeated itinerary and book early to avoid disappointment. TOUR FULL!



USA: Pensacola & Nellis (227814)

2nd - 12th November TRAVELLED

The US Air Force recently announced that the 2018 Nellis Airshow was cancelled.  In a change to our original itinerary whilst we will still attend the Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow on NAS Pensacola, visit the National Naval Aviation Museum and the US Armament Museum on Eglin AFB but replacing Nellis will be 1½ days at the ‘Father Crowley Lookout’ atop Rainbow Canyon! Here we will capture the low flying, high speed jets streaking along the “Jedi Transition” low level route. In Tucson, Arizona there is Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson ANG, AMARG, various boneyards and optional flights around AMARG and Marana; and spend the best part of a day outside the busiest airbase of them all: Luke, with its 170 F-16's and 55 F-35's (windscreen tour of the ramps requested).  A great tour and a perfect was to finish your aviation year.