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Current Tour Programme

RUSSIA: MAKS 2019 & optional extension to St. Petersburg (227916)

27th August - 2nd September TOUR CONFIRMED!

This tour, to the ever-popular Moscow Air Show – or MAKS – which is held every 2 years, includes 2 full days at this brilliant airshow: one day inside on a Trade Day and a second aboard a specially chartered ship!  It will drop anchor on the River Moscow alongside the airfield, within a stone’s throw of the Air Traffic Control Tower which is ‘airshow centre’ for the flying display!  With the sun behind, fabulous photographs can be taken from this perfect location.  We will stay at a Holiday Inn in the centre of Moscow on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis.  In addition to MAKs we will also visit several museums including the one-and-only ‘Monino’: the incredible collection of aircraft in the Central Air Force Museum.  We also visit the An-2/Mil-2 factory which converts old, tired airframes into brand new factory-fresh aircraft and helicopters.  Time also for optional sightseeing.  From Moscow you have the option of continuing to St Petersburg for more aviation and sightseeing opportunities.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  The People's Republic of China will be a partner country of MAKS 2019: could this see the latest Chinese aircraft participating?

STOP PRESS: Optional Zero-G Flight in IL-76 used to train Russian Cosmonauts!  Estimated price US$3,500 - US$4,000 per person payable only in Sterling (approximately £2,700 - £3,100 at current rate of exchange).



UKRAINE: Airports & Aviation Museums in Kiev, Zaporozhie, Kryvyi Rih & Poltava. (227929)

4th - 10th September AWAITING UPDATE END OF JUNE

We are currently looking at a 5-8-day tour to the Ukraine visiting airports and aviation museums in Kiev, Zaporozhie, Kryvyi Rih and Poltava.  Ramp tours at several airports have been requested and are to be confirmed.  Flying in-country with Motorsich.  Original dates we were given was May however, this has now been pushed back to September 4th - 10th.



AUSTRIA: Air Power 2019, International Airshow (227935)

4th - 8th September TOUR CONFIRMED!

In the past one of the most popular airshows with UK and European aviation enthusiasts was the Austrian Air Force’s annual “Air Power” airshow held on Zeltweg airbase. In 2016 they came to end as the base underwent major refurbishment ready to take the air force’s new Typhoons, which replaced their classic Saab Drakens.  2019 sees a very welcome return of this favourite show.  The Austrian Air Force were the last operators of the Draken and who knows, maybe the sole flying example left in Europe, owned and flown by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (as pictured), will be one of the participants.  If the airshow is anything like its predecessors it will be fabulous – complete with the spectacular backdrop of the Austrian mountains.  With our hotel only a short distance from Zeltweg airbase we are there for ‘Arrivals Day’ and both days of the show.


GREECE: Athens Flying Week & National War Museum & the Hellenic Air Force Museum (227931)

19th - 23rd September TOUR CONFIRMED!

The last 2 “Athens Flying Week’s” proved popular with enthusiasts - compared to previous years when the event did not live up to expectations.  We will include the special Spotters Package comprising the 2 ‘Arrival Days’, ‘Rehearsal Day’, both airshow days and ‘Departures Day 2.  The Spotters Package offers a raised ‘stadium’ viewing site on the airshow days and special designated areas on the other days.  On our last, full day we will  visit the Hellenic Air Force Museum in Tatoi followed by the National War Museum in the centre of Athens.  There will be some time for sightseeing before we drive out to Athens Airport late afternoon.


BULGARIA: Aviation Museums & Aviation Day Celebrations (227936)

10th - 17th October TOUR CONFIRMED!

In response to requests made directly to our Bulgarian Tour Manager, Ivo, he has put together a tour which includes nearly all of the different  facets of aviation in Bulgaria: civil airports and airfields; military bases; aerospace repair factories; museums and memorials; and optional pleasure flights.  He has then added some of the famous tourist attractions located throughout Bulgaria.  The end result is a carefully balanced mix of aviation and sightseeing at a leisurely pace – perfect for non-aviation minded persons in your life!  The tour is based on the annual open days of the Bulgarian Air Force airbases and we await confirmation of which base is open on what date.  The itinerary will be fine-tuned when the details are known.



USA: Texas - CAF Houston & Dallas Airshows & Museums (227926)

18th - 27th October

It has been many years since we attended the Confederate Air Force’s (as was) annual airshow in Midland. After a change of name to the Commemorative Air Force and a move from the desert of western Texas to the sprawling metropolis of Dallas/Fort Worth they now have their annual warbird extravaganza at the annual “Wings Over Dallas Airshow” .... and perfectly timed, the preceding weekend there is the CAF’s “Wings Over Houston Airshow”.  We will attend both!  Pictured here is the famous ‘wall of fire’ which has been part of the CAF’s air display since the early days.  As we travel from Houston to Corpus Christi to San Antonio to Dallas, we look around some very interesting aircraft collections en route.  Anchored in Corpus Christi is the famous WWII aircraft carrier the USS Lexington, now a floating aviation museum.  In ’San Antone’ our hotel is near to the famous Riverwalk with its cafes, restaurants, bars and trips along the river.  We will also visit the famous and historic “Alamo”.