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Latest News

CRUZEX – Brasil

Currently working on a new tour for November 2018, fancy visiting CRUZEX in Brasil? Fighters from many South American air forces take part in the largest flying exercise in  the Southern hemisphere. We plan on being there for Arrivals Day plus Natal AB and a day at Recife. At this stage we ask you to register your interest. Provisional dates 16th - 23rd November.

100th Anniversary RAF

We have added a second (optional) full day at RIAT, on the 10th July we visit RAF Coningsby to see the launch of 27 Typhoon and Tornado aircraft taking part in the Air Parade over London. The RAF's biggest celebration of the anniversary will be at the Royal International Air Tattoo, there will also be a special show at Duxford and the Shuttleworth Collection's Military Pageant, we attend all 3!

Zhuhai Airshow – China

If you are an airliner and an Airshow fan, why not join us on this exciting tour to China! Now flying out on Cathay Pacific on board their new Airbus A350-900s. On our optional extension will are flying with Cathay Dragon Airbus A330-300 and, Air China (B737-800).  

Russia – Alrosa Airlines

In October 2018 Alrosa will retire its last Tu-134. We are putting together a tour combining a flight in this aircraft along with  flying in Tu-154M, An-24, An-28 to name but a few! Email us if you are interested in receiving further details. Provisional dates are 18th - 25th September. 

ARMY 2018

We will now be flying direct to Moscow, departing London Heathrow arriving at Domodedovo Airport on British Airways. Only the 3rd year that this event has taken place and, our 2nd visit.

Daks over Normandy 2019

2019 commemorates 'DAKS over Normandy'. The event has progressed from a small idea into a fast growing entity of its own with, a second event now taking place called 'Berlin Airlift 70 - The Return of the Candy Bombers' which will take place in Germany. The organisers are keeping us informed of developments and our itinerary is coming together. As you can appreciate to organise such an event takes a lot of funding and support but so far, the Imperial War Museum in England, the Chamber of Commerce in Caen and the German Ministry of Defence are all on board! At this stage all we need is an email if you are interested.

Pensacola & Nellis Air Show

Confirmation has been received, the Nellis Air Show will now be held in 2019. We have revised our itinerary, the updated version is on our website. Take a look!


Our last tour to Albania was some years ago now therefore we are pleased to announce that approval has been given by the authorities for base visits. Bookings are such we can confirm that the tour will operate!

Tighter Security on US Flights

As of 19th July passengers flying to the US are being advised to arrive at least 3 hours before their flight as new tighter security measures come into force from today. There will be more security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas with more sniffer dogs employed. Travellers will also face more vigorous screening particularly of large electronic devices.