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Latest News

ECUADOR – Air Force Bases

We are working closely with our colleagues both here and in Ecuador with regards to an aviation programme. Regrettably we are no further forward with a date/month. As you are well aware the wheels in South America turn slowly.

NATO Tiger Meet

NATO Tiger Meet, details have now been forwarded for the Spotters Passes. With no Air Show this year a much shorter trip!

Bulgaria – Aviation Museums & Aviation Day

Over the years we have received many requests to visit this rarely visited country so, who better to organise a tour that our Bulgarian born tour manager Ivo. For this tour we are offering museums visits, pleasure flights and will attend the annual Aviation Day celebrations. Whilst base visits will be requested, please do not book on this tour if this is all you wish to visit, they will be a bonus! Tour will operate as we have sufficient bookings

Western Russia & Siberia

Having run a popular tour last year to the remote parts of Russia, once again our experienced tour manager Ivo Pentchev has put together another exciting opportunity to fly in, An-148, Tu-154, Yak-42, Sukhoi Superjet 100-95LR to name but a few. Itinerary now on our website and bookings being taken.

Ukraine Update

We have now been advised by our agent in the Ukraine that the proposed trip in May will not take place for our group. Dates have been suggested 5th - 10th September!! If you have not already registered your interest, please do via our website