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Latest News

Kazakhstan Update

With a new Prime Minister, once again we start almost from scratch. As this is a new venture for the Kazaks, the 'opening of the door' to tourism and in particular being related to their defence system, will take time! If we are not able to get the permissions for this year, we could be looking at 2020!

ECUADOR – Air Force Bases

Our agent in Ecuador has now met with the Minister of Tourism. We hope that this will result in us receiving the authorisations we require to move forward with an itinerary. Unfortunately, we are no further forward with a date.

Ukraine Update

The latest update!! At present, presidential elections are taking place in the Ukraine. The result of the first ballot does not see the return to power of the current president, if he loses the second ballot taking place on the 21st April, this will lead to a whole new administration! As a result this is delaying once again, the release of our itinerary!!

Slovak Air Show Date Change

The Slovaks have changed the date of their Air Show, now 3rd & 4th August. We will be updating our itinerary accordingly and have new details on the web as soon as possible.

Bulgaria – Aviation Museums & Aviation Day

Over the years we have received many requests to visit this rarely visited country so, who better to organise a tour that our Bulgarian born tour manager Ivo. For this tour we are offering museums visits, pleasure flights and will attend the annual Aviation Day celebrations. Whilst base visits will be requested, please do not book on this tour if this is all you wish to visit, they will be a bonus! Tour will operate as we have sufficient bookings