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Latest News

Ukraine Update

After many months of uncertainty and, without any clear indication of a confirmed programme we have taken the decision regretfully, to postpone the tour. We will continue to look at putting an itinerary together hopefully in 2020!

Bulgaria – Aviation Museums & Aviation Day

Tour Now Full - due to popular demand, we hope to be able to operate this tour next year


Kazakhstan Update

With the delays on-going and the end of July soon upon us, our visit to Kazakstan will not take place this year which, is hardly surprising! We will continue with our discussions and hopefully get the permission we require in 2020!

ECUADOR – Air Force Bases

We are no further forward after months of our agent negotiating with the authorities, than at the start of the year. Very frustrating for all concerned! As a result a tour to Ecuador will not operate this year. The negotiations will continue hopefully, for a visit in 2020.